Intelligent warehousing
Car radar production line
Photovoltaic inverter production line
AGV mobile robot
Electronic power supply intelligent aging test equipment
Charger, adapter production line
Application solution
Product application field
Automated production equipment solution
One -stop material solution
Move robot
Automated production equipment solution
Power energy storage field :: Through the AGV intelligent feeding system, automatically complete the operation of the entire process of production lines
Automotive electronics field: Integration and collaborative optimization for users to develop design, planned production, flexible manufacturing, logistics distribution and after -sales service

One -stop material solution
Mobile robots equipped with mobile shelf units can automatically transport materials and components from the warehouse to the production line, and then unload the materials according to the intelligent production assembly system. The finished product is collected into the warehouse.
Move robot
High -precision automatic feeding, high lotus weight, strong versatility, flexible application scenarios, visual controlling, reliable collision anti -collision, stack board recognition, high -precision identification, accurate fork goods
Why choose Songshan Smart

We are a star enterprise led by Professor Li Zexiang, with strong technical strength and professional team support.
We always focus on product development and manufacturing. There are more than 30 core patents that have independently developed and can provide unique intelligent manufacturing solutions.
We are the core team of industrial intelligent equipment in Songshan Lake International Robot Base, member units of the National Intelligent Manufacturing Development Alliance.
Our headquarters is located in the National High-tech Industrial Development Zone-Songshan Lake Technology Industrial Park. The production base is located in Dalang Town, Dongguan.
We are national high -tech enterprises, excellent gazelle enterprises in Songshan Lake, and Guangdong Province's contract with contracts.
Our vision: become the core supplier of global intelligent manufacturing
We integrate R & D, production, and sales. We have the business of three major sectors and are excellent domestic intelligent automated equipment suppliers in China.
We have nearly 100,000m R & D zone and 150 people's R & D and manufacturing teams, which can provide high -quality products and professional technical support.
Our mission is: Provide customers with superb technology and high -quality services Focus on happiness for employees and keep working hard Go all the way to the development of the enterprise
Our values are scientific and technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing value, win -win cooperation, and technological sharing, and can establish long -term stable cooperative relationships with customers.
Dongguan Songshan Intelligent Robotic Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. It is a star enterprise led by Professor Li Zexiang. It is a core team of industrial intelligent equipment in the Songshan Lake International Robot Base and a member unit of the National Intelligent Manufacturing Development Alliance. Songshan Intelligent Collection R & D, production, and sales, focusing on the 3C electronic manufacturing industry robot automation integration application, is an excellent domestic intelligent automated equipment supplier in China.
Professor Li Zexiang
Experts in the field of machines and automation
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